Thursday, November 11, 2021

Poles celebrate Independence Day, Reuters calls them "far-right"

 Under the slogan "Independence not for sale", the Independence March started from the Dmowski roundabout. Its participants will walk along Aleje Jerozolimskie to the grounds of the National Stadium. It is the largest assembly organized on the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

- The time has come to defend the motherland. More than before, to guard its borders: in the cold, toil in a very difficult situation, which forced us to do hybrid actions of the Belarusian regime against Poland and against the European Union - said President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, during the celebration of Independence Day.

The Independence March, usually organized by the nationalists, which the authorities at the last moment gave a state character, is walking along the streets of Warsaw. 

- We are from different backgrounds, from different places, but look, we gathered together under the white and red flag, we sang the anthem together. There are many things that separate us, but today there is a moment when, despite the divisions, we should integrate, create a strong, wonderful nation, ready to defend the sovereignty and independence of the Polish state. Today, there is a change in the balance of international forces and a brutal war - said Robert Bąkiewicz, one of the organizers of the march.

Reports of the first incidents appear on Twitter. One of the internet users posted recordings showing a group of people burning the German flag and a photo of Donald Tusk, former President of the European Council.