Monday, December 27, 2021

A new vaccine in the EU. Polish company part of production process

 The first series of the critical component of the new COVID-19 vaccine - the antigen for Nuvaxovid - was developed in Poland. Mabion, the biological company, announced that it has started producing an antigen according to the contract with the American concern Novavax.

- Commercial-scale production for Novavax is carried out according to the established schedule. We have started production of the next series, and in the coming weeks, we plan to produce more and more series to reach full capacity in the second quarter of 2022. It can be said that on our part of the battle with the coronavirus, we are conducting an exemplary operation - said the president of Mabion, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk.

Results from two main clinical trials are promising for Novavax’s vaccine when fighting the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 and some variants of concern such as Alpha and Beta. Rates of 90% efficiency at preventing COVID-19 in people over 18 years of age were found in both studies.

But with the new variants, such as Omicron, its efficiency is unknown. The EMA’s press release states that “there is currently limited data on the efficacy of Nuvaxovid against other variants of concern, including Omicron.”

Nuvaxovid is given as two injections, three weeks apart. Side effects reported in the studies were usually mild or moderate and cleared within a couple of days. Tenderness or pain at the injection site, tiredness, and muscle pain were most commonly reported.