Thursday, December 9, 2021

Poland concerned after the Biden-Putin talks. Has president Biden given up? Was it a second Yalta???

 Joe Biden's conversation with Vladimir Putin sparked a lively discussion. Commentators point out that the American leader does not take a firm attitude towards the Russian President. More and more often, the term "second Yalta" is used.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, visiting Rome, was interviewed by the Roman daily "La Repubblica." He criticized Vladimir Putin for trying to build divisions in Europe. Morawiecki referred to the talks between Biden and Putin. He assured that if the negotiations contributed to the de-escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, he would personally congratulate the US president.

"Experience shows, however, that Vladimir Putin cannot be trusted and the policy of concessions does not work. The Russian president must understand that Ukraine is not alone and in the event of aggression he must take into account sanctions affecting the Russian financial system," - said Morawiecki. - "Russia has to choose whether it wants to be in Europe or be in opposition to Europe. Vladimir Putin chooses conflict today. It is harmful not only to Europe, but also to its nation" - he added.

He indicated that the first conclusions following the Biden-Putin conversation were worrying.

"The conclusions following the talks between President Biden and President Putin are worrying. The conditional consent to Nord Stream 2 and the lack of sanctions against Russia would mean a policy of concessions to the imperial policy of the Kremlin," - stated the head of the Polish government.

Others say that it is disturbing that after the Biden-Putin talks, the American President consulted Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and France leaders, while there were no American-Ukrainian and American-Polish consultations. What interest in those talks would Italy have?

Poland, the primary stakeholder and the largest country on NATO's eastern flank, was left out.