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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Possible as many as 16 Westinghouse reactors for Europe. Polish companies may be involved

 "If the talks are successful, we will be able to build sixteen nuclear reactors in Europe. Polish companies can work on these projects," says Joel Eacker, Westinghouse Electric Company board member.

"We are talking to governments and companies from Ukraine, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Poland. If these talks are successful, we will be able to build a total of sixteen nuclear reactors in Europe. This is a great resource of power."

Westinghouse has signed an agreement with the Ukrainian Energoatom and is waiting for the American and Ukrainian governments to complete the formalities. They are also in the process of bidding in the Czech Republic and talking with Slovenia. 

This brings many opportunities for Polish companies. It will also benefit the entire Polish economy. It may create a regional development path for individual companies ready to become part of Westinghouse's supply chain. These companies may also expand their activities to other countries.