Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Russia is evacuating diplomats and their families, sends landing ships towards Sweden

 According to The New York Times and Ukrainian intelligence 18 people - mainly children and wives of Russian diplomats - were evacuated from Ukraine to Russia. Another 30 left the Russian consulates in Kiev and Lviv. Those who remained are to begin preparations to leave their posts.

The US intelligence was aware of Russia's actions regarding diplomats from the consulate in Lviv. But, according to the Ukrainian news agency Interfax, the Ukrainian authorities have not been informed about Russia's intentions towards its own diplomats.

Menwhile, on January 11, the Swedish army announced that three Russian landing ships belonging to the Northern Fleet had entered the Baltic Sea. The information was illustrated with photos of the ships taken from a great distance.

In the following days, an unexpected transfer of Swedish soldiers to the island of Gotland began. It was done with a NATO military aircraft and civilian passenger-car ferries. The Swedish garrison was strengthened not only with soldiers, but also with armored vehicles. Armed military patrols appeared on the streets.

The situation in the Baltic Sea described above is unclear because there is a lack of certain and confirmed information. This gives room for numerous speculations.