Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Russian airborne forces in Belarus have been transferred to the border with Poland

 A battalion of Russian airborne troops has been deployed in Brest, bordering Poland, says the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) organization tracking the activities of the Russian armed forces.

Analyzing the recordings of Russian troop movements posted on the Internet, the CIT concluded that a Russian airborne battalion had been deployed to Brest, Belarus. The city is located on the border with Poland and is 50 km away from the northern borders of Ukraine.

Photos of the Belarusian Ministry of National Defense confirmed the presence of the commander of the 217th Russian Airborne Regiment in Belarus.

According to the investigation conducted jointly by the Russian Radio Free Europe (The Digital Sleuths Exposing Russia's Military Buildup Near Ukraine) and CIT, from the first weeks of January, Russia began to transfer units from the Eastern Military District to the west of the country. Experts paid attention to the transfer of up to half of the combat potential of the district located in the far east of Russia. Some of the moved troops ended up in Belarus, while the location of the rest is not known. The investigative interviews and analysis of the posts, photos, and recordings posted on social media show that the soldiers were directed to regions bordering Ukraine.