Saturday, February 26, 2022

Strong speech of the PM in Germany: "NS2 and NS1 pipelines carry not only gas, but also blood"

 “Russia not only invaded Ukraine, it not only wants to deprive Ukraine of its sovereignty, not only kills civilians, children, women, and soldiers, but Russia wants to violate the entire peace order that was established after World War II. Russia wants to destroy our world as we know it. Now we have to act, there is no time to lose,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Berlin before the meeting with the German Chancellor.

"Today there is no time for the concreted selfishness we see in some Western countries, also unfortunately here in Germany" - said Morawiecki.

"Therefore, I came here to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, to shake the conscience of Germany, so that they finally decide on crushing sanctions that will be so tough as to influence the Kremlin's decisions" - he pointed out.

"Not only Nord Stream 2, we must shut down Nord Stream 1, become independent of Russian hydrocarbons, gas, oil, and coal, but also freeze and confiscate the oligarchs' assets (...). We must cut off Russian companies from financing on capital markets. (…) Close SWIFT for Russia. All sanctions should be on the table" - he stressed.

"In Germany, they should also carefully consider what this proverb means: 5 thousand helmets? This is a joke. There must be real help, as the Lithuanian president said. There must also be real help with weapons, help for Ukrainian soldiers who want to fight" - he said.

"Germany cannot plunge into hardened egoism, we must stop Putin" - he said.

"We must give Ukraine real help. And please remember that not only gas flows through the NS2 and NS1 pipelines, but also the blood of children, soldiers, and mothers. Please think about it" - stressed the PM.