Sunday, February 27, 2022

Poland to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: Block Russian disinformation channels!

 On Sunday, the Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity Janusz Cieszyński called on Internet platforms - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube - to block channels sowing disinformation in connection with Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Cieszyński drew attention to the issue of disinformation. He noted that the National Broadcasting Council within a few hours adopted a resolution to block Russian-language propaganda channels on all Polish TV platforms.

He also stressed that on Saturday, the Internal Security Agency issued a decision to block access to websites spreading Russian propaganda. He also noted that for technical reasons, work in this area may take up to 48 hours.

"Our abilities in this area are limited wherever decision-making centers are located outside Poland" - he said.

"Therefore, from this point, we would like to support the appeals of the representatives of the Ukrainian government, appeals of the Internet community. It's not enough. Take these channels off. Let's block this content, you have full abilities to do it, because you do it to others on a daily basis" - said Cieszyński. 

"Hundreds if not thousands of people across the country mobilized overnight to help Ukraine. Meanwhile, the representatives of online platforms have failed. Join others before it's too late" - exclaimed Cieszyński.

He added that every day they receive hundreds of tips about accounts spreading misinformation.

"You have to act, and you have to act now" - stressed Cieszyński.