Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The European Commission will deduct fines from payments due to Poland from the EU budget

European Commission (EC) spokesman Balazs Ujvari said on Tuesday that EC informed Poland that it will proceed to deduct payments due to Poland from the EU budget for penalties imposed by the European Court of Justice in the case of the Turów lignite mine.

"Poland will use all available legal measures to appeal against the plans of the European Commission, the more so as an agreement was reached between the Polish and Czech governments," - government spokesman Piotr Müller told the press.

The spokesman of the Polish government in an interview with PAP emphasized that it was the duty of the Polish government to ensure the country's energy security and the stability of employment in the energy sector.

"This was particularly important in the context of the current geopolitical threats from Russia. From the very beginning, Poland emphasized that the decisions taken by the CJEU had no legal or factual basis. They go beyond the EU treaties and violate the treaty guarantees of energy security" - said Müller.