Thursday, March 17, 2022

All trains in Poland stopped, countrywide system failure

 On Thursday at 4:00 am (Polish time) major malfunctions in the electronic control systems of railway networks in Poland and Italy operated by Alstom have caused significant delays and cancellations along train routes, railway authorities in both countries said Thursday.

Poland’s PKP PLK railway company Director Miroslaw Skubiszynski, said that the sudden outage affected 19 out of Poland’s 33 control centers, idling train traffic on some 820 kilometers (500 miles) of railroads.

“Because the reach of the outage is almost nationwide, it is clear that some of the trains will not run at all today,” Skubiszynski told reporters.

Media, such as CNN already are reporting that the outage also affected trains carrying refugees from Ukraine.

“Alstom is aware of a time formatting error that currently affects the availability of the rail network, and thus rail transport in Poland. Passenger safety is not at risk."