Saturday, March 26, 2022

Refugees can easily convert Ukraine's currency into Polish

 National Bank of Poland (NBP) has signed an agreement with the National Bank of Ukraine, thanks to which every adult refugee from Ukraine can exchange Ukrainian hryvnia (up to 10,000 UAH) for Polish zloty. The exchange is possible at a rounded, official, and not an exchange rate.

"Many representatives of the brave Ukrainian nation, escaping from the criminal aggression of the war, ended up in Poland. Often, they only have hryvnia with them (taken in a hurry), which so far could not be exchanged for zloty. From the first day of the war, we worked at the National Bank of Poland together with our friends from the National Bank of Ukraine to solve this problem. It is important that the heroic defenders of Ukraine know that we care for their families. I am very happy that this issue, important for refugees, has been settled," - said Professor Adam Glapiński, President of NBP.

On March 21, 2022, Poland provided the National Bank of Ukraine with a "swap line" for hryvnia up to $1 billion. After talks with the Ukrainian side, the NBP decided to grant the Ukrainian side a swap not in Polish zloty (PLN) but in USD.

The NBP's website is down today.

NBP: We apologize for the inconvenience in accessing the website - work is underway to restore the continuity of operation.