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Friday, March 4, 2022

Russia brings people from Crimea who will pretend to be Ukrainians thankful for the invasion

 According to the adviser to Ukraine's interior minister Vadym Denysenko, Russia has sent several buses to the south of Ukraine with alleged residents of Kherson, Melitopol, and other cities that are currently under the control of its forces. These people are to show the joy of the arrival of Russian troops.

For example, a vehicle with some groceries came to Melitopol on Thursday, a queue for 50-60 people was set and photos were taken to show how happy the inhabitants of the city are - in fact, the inhabitants of Crimea - and how they thank Russians for saving them from the Ukrainian junta. "The same situation will now be in Kherson and other cities," - Denysenko warned.

"The Russians have not been able to find traitors who ask the Russians to give them some food and smile at them happily. That is why they are forced to bring those disguised people who show that they are supposed to be Ukrainians and are allegedly happy with the arrival of the Russians" - he said.

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