Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Russia introduced an armored train in Ukraine conflict

 A video appeared on the web showing a Russian armored train passing through the city of Melitopol in southern Ukraine. This archaic type of weapon has never ceased to be used in the Russian Federation.

It is not clear how many such trains have been put into action by the Russians, but their purpose is probably to provide supplies to the troops fighting in the south. Although such a train is not indestructible, and its anti-aircraft armament leaves much to be desired, it still seems to be a safer measure than a column of supply vehicles, the burnt wrecks of which already litter large swaths of Ukraine.

The Russians have specialized railway logistics units, and similar trains were used by them earlier in the wars in Chechnya and Georgia. Trains can supply units on the southern front, arriving from Russia to the Crimea using a bridge over the Kerch Strait and then heading north.

- After reporting by Defence24