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Monday, March 7, 2022

Go f.. yourself in Russia

CNN finally talks about this sign, but they still didn't translate it correctly. 6 days ago, I posted the translation (below) on 'Facebook' and 'Gettr' only because I didn't feel it was appropriate to have it here, but if CNN can mention it, so can I. So, here it is:
I see a fascination with the news about calls to alter or remove street signs to "send Russians to hell." But the sign in the news says something different. Because I can't come up with an exact translation, I am going to use a quote from a recent news clip about Viper Island. The top sign says: "Go f.. yourself." The sign in the middle: "Again, go f.. yourself." The bottom one says: "Go f.. yourself in Russia."

The 'NA CHUJ' phrase seems universal in Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian languages, and the literal translation is ON DI*K.'


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