Friday, April 8, 2022

After PM Morawiecki's call for "clear, decisive sanctions" Macron calls him "right-wing anti-Semite"

 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on European leaders a few days ago for "clear, decisive sanctions" against Russia.

"President Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Putin, what have you achieved? Did you stop any of the actions that took place?" - he addressed the leader of France.

In response to criticism from the Polish PM, Emmanuel Macron quickly gave an interview to the daily Le Parisien.

"It's a shame. The Polish prime minister is a right-wing anti-Semite who bans LGBT people. He is covered by the European procedure because he arbitrarily dismissed many judges" - the newspaper quotes the French president.

Earlier, President Macron also accused Morawiecki ... of "interfering in the French election campaign."

Due to the statements made in the interview by the French President, Minister Zbigniew Rau decided to invite the French ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a "conversation."