Saturday, April 9, 2022

Did CNN's Dana Bash attempt to slander Poland and question motives behind helping Ukrainians?

 How long will we have to remind the world that it was not Poles who established concentration camps in our country during World War II? This time a journalist from the CNN, in an interview with the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, decided to say this:

I would like to ask you about the issue of anti-Semitism throughout history in Poland. How can this be compared to what Poles are currently doing for Ukrainians? Poland has very painful memories of the Second World War, there were pogroms against Jews in your homeland before, there were concentration camps during the Second World War, Jews were expelled from the country in 1968. Do you think that what the Poles are showing now? Is this huge heart towards Ukrainians an attempt to make amends for these wrongs?

The representative of the American "mainstream media" conveniently forgot who created those concentration camps in Poland, as if suggesting they were Polish.

The president's answer was short:

"In 1939, the Germans came and destroyed this tradition (one thousand years of coexistence with Jews). They built concentration camps on our land, which they occupied and murdered Jews" - emphasized Duda. He reminded that in Poland, occupied by Nazi Germany, helping Jews was punishable by death.

- Full transcript of the interview in a separate post.