Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter in Ukraine - sounds of explosions during services, the hours of masses kept secret

 According to Father Wojciech Stasiewicz, vicar in the cathedral parish in Kharkiv, explosions are heard during the mass, the hours of services are not made public, and out of an average of 600 practitioners only twenty-five people came to the liturgy on Palm Sunday. Nevertheless, the clergyman admits that "Easter brings hope for an end to the war and peace in Ukraine."

“Military activities in Kharkiv continue. I would even say that they have multiplied since last week, especially in the evening and in the morning. Also, during the day there are several types of rocket attacks, especially in the north of Kharkiv. There is also continuous shelling, you can hear explosions and you can see black smoke rising over various places. The entire Kharkiv region is also under constant military threat,” said Father Stasiewicz.

“For security reasons, we do not make the hours of services public. Our parishioners know them. Importantly, we also must respect the curfew, which starts at 20, so we have to finish early enough so that the parishioners can safely return to their homes "- added the clergyman.