Sunday, April 3, 2022

Is a new cover of Newsweek (Poland) tailored to the Kremlin propaganda?

 Newsweek was never known to be pro-Polish, especially for the current "right-wing" (anything to the right from Joe Biden) government. And, especially Newsweek Polska, run by the most left-leaning journalist in Poland, Tomasz Lis, which, considering the war in Ukraine, took a few days long break (week-long at the most) from attacking the Polish government.

"The New Lord of the President" is the latest cover of Tomasz Lis' magazine. It shows a photomontage with Joe Biden and Andrzej Duda. The description indicates that the president of the Republic of Poland is now controlled by Joe Biden's administration.

Tomasz Lis @lis_tomasz:

"New Newsweek: Andrzej Duda seems to be independent of Kaczyński and Nowogrodzka (location of offices of ruling party), but his conviction that he is starting to be an important politician on the international arena is a total illusion. His patron simply changed. The current one is better, but Duda is still just a performer."