Friday, April 22, 2022

Poland wants to break the contract with Pfizer, "We have no choice"

 The Polish government is in the process of terminating the contract with Pfizer for the supply of vaccines against COVID-19, said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski.

"Regarding our dispute with Pfizer, first, we are currently at the stage of terminating (...) this contract, citing 'force majeure' (unforeseeable circumstances). Those 'circumstances,' probably no one will deny it, is the situation with which we are dealing with on the eastern border of Poland, an influx of refugees from Ukraine. And, of course, the consequences of this situation for Poland" - said Niedzielski during a press conference in Gdańsk.

He said the government was considering "taking the same step" towards the other producer, Moderna. 

We try to act as a responsible partner and before we take formal steps, we will try to talk, (...) we will give Moderna a chance to speak out and we will conduct such talks next week. And then, depending on the outcome of these talks, we will take formal steps, - emphasized the minister.

Because of an influx of refugees from Ukraine, Poland must be prepared to spend significant resources on treating its population and asked for flexibility in the implementation of contracts.

"It wasn't about getting rid of vaccines altogether. We asked for the deadlines to be postponed and, if it was impossible, for the European Commission to purchase these vaccines on our behalf. Pfizer said "no."

Last week, Poland gave up the contracted supply of Pfizer vaccines, informing both the European Commission and the manufacturer itself. The value of the company's vaccines contracted for Poland under the contract with the European Commission amounted to approx. PLN 2 billion this year and approx. PLN 6 billion by the end of 2023. 

There are millions of doses of vaccines in the Government's Strategic Reserve Agency. - "Don't worry, everyone who wants to get vaccinated can be sure that it will be possible. We have enough vaccinations."