Friday, May 20, 2022

In 1990 the German government was interested in breaking up Polish parties

 Professor Bogdan Musiał revealed to Polish Press Agency (PAP) a coded message of Polish intelligence from 1990, in which it was written that "it is beneficial from the German point of view to break up political groups in Poland, lack a dominant party and divisions in Solidarity". "For Germany, this creates an opportunity for economic expansion" - assesses the source in the report of the Polish intelligence officer. The message is in the resources of the Institute of National Remembrance.

Ciphertext No. 3398 was drawn up in June 1990 by a Polish intelligence officer on the basis of information disclosed to him by a German agent code-named "Wolf". Professor Musiał, currently the director of the 'Jan Karski Institute of War Losses' tells PAP that he came across the report during his research work.

The ciphertext reads: "According to 'Wolf' and the circles of political and economic advisers of the German government, it is advantageous from the German point of view to break up political groups in Poland, the lack of a dominant party and the divisions within Solidarity. The optimal, according to Wolf, for uniting Germany would be the final disintegration of Solidarity and the rebirth of several peasant parties supported by the church. "

The next part of the report says:

"According to these assessments, this will effectively inhibit the revival of a stable political life in the Republic of Poland and the emergence of small and medium-sized Polish industrialists, the middle class, which plays a decisive role in the development of the country. For Germany, this creates an opportunity for economic expansion (as it was in the period of the Second Polish Republic) and industrial investments in Poland on the part of small and medium German capital. It would also bring Poland closer to the zone of direct German influence in Eastern Europe."

Referring to the content of the report, professor Musiał emphasized that "the then German government was interested in a political breakdown in Poland, so that no dominant party would arise, as was the case in Germany, where the situation was stable and once and for the others won the elections, but it was always possible to form a stable government, which is very important for the political stability and development of the country."