Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Poland in Davos: We are prepared for major investments and taking over the roles of China

 We are logistically prepared for major global investments and for taking over many of the roles that were fulfilled by China - said Polish deputy prime minister and minister of state assets, Jacek Sasin, in Davos. The politician indicated that Poland could become an important point on the energy map of Europe.

- The current economic processes must be rethought and profoundly changed. Moving production and dispersing it around the world has not worked. Russia's aggression against Ukraine has shown how important it is to become independent from Russian energy resources. The Polish voice has not been taken seriously for many years, but it turned out that we were right - said minister Sasin.

According to the deputy prime minister Sasin, Poland may become a place where large global investments will be made and where production will be relocated. The construction of new roads, railway connections, and the Central Transportation Hub are to enable the fulfillment of this scenario. 

- The role that Poland plays today in building energy independence goes beyond our own needs. Another gas terminal in Gdańsk, a network of gas pipeline connections, makes Poland a guarantor of security not only for itself, but also for the countries of the region. Germany also wants to use our energy infrastructure, he said.