Wednesday, May 25, 2022

President Duda accuses Germany of breaking its word on tank deliveries

President Andrzej Duda accused the German government of breaking its word regarding the promised delivery of tanks to Poland. The leader of the CDU, Friedrich Merz, echoes him, demanding an explanation as to why the German government does not fulfill its promises regarding the delivery of tanks to Poland, which is to supplement Polish armaments after Poland sends tanks to Ukraine.

As President Duda said, the German government promised that as soon as Poland delivered the tanks to Ukraine, Germany would send Poland Leopards as a supplement. However, President Duda said on WELT TV that Germany had not fulfilled its promise. "To be honest, we are very disappointed because of this," - said Duda.

"The willingness presented to give us at this 'round-trip exchange,' as they call it, ended up in proposing equipment that would set us back in development. We didn't want any miracles, we just wanted things that would be a real complement to our abilities" - says the source for a portal WPOLITYCE.PL.

"It was said that we wanted equipment that they don't even have yet. It's not true. Our wishes were for the equipment they have, but they would like to give away things that are worse than the T-72. This, of course, is not an option" - he adds.