Saturday, June 18, 2022

Poland introduces ‘pioneering’ hotdog making robot

Poland’s largest retail grocery chain, Żabka, has introduced the country’s first hotdog-making robot.

ThefirstNEWS(.com) reports: "The brainchild of convenience store chain Żabka and Kraków tech firm VeloxAlpha SA, the one-armed sausage server called Robbie can complete the task in three simple steps."

The process of ordering the hot dog is simple. You click Start on the touch screen menu and select the hotdog's size, type, and sauces.

You can order up to three hotdogs in one order. Once you go through the ordering process, the robot starts making your hotdog while the customer can track the status of his order on the screen at the top of the robot.

The robot has different language options, so you don’t have to stress about asking for the hotdog's type or condiment.

For Zabka grocery chain, this is just one of the elements of a fully autonomous, AI-powered mini-stores Zbaka Nano.

Fuel giant Orlen is also moving towards automation with a mobile phone app that will improve and streamline the preparation of hotdogs at its petrol stations.

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