Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ukraine in the EU will change the balance of power

Many people who watch the news from Europe and the help provided to Ukraine to fight off the global power that wants to still its land and wealth find it strange that the largest members of the EU are dragging their feet in providing such help. If you are looking for an explanation, the German publication, Die Welt, gives us one. Disturbing, but if you know the history of the 20th century not as much.

Ukraine will become a Western country sooner or later. This means that Poland will cease to be a country on the fringes of the West and will move more towards the center, writes Die Welt.

Philipp Fritz, the author of a commentary titled: "In the end, does Germany not want Ukraine to win?" describes the current attitude of Ukrainians towards Germany. He notes that "the verb" scholzen "(after the name of the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz) is interpreted in Ukrainian social media as a synonym for promises made with no intention of keeping them.

"The war in Ukraine not only changes Ukraine and Russia, but the entire security architecture and the balance of power in Europe. In this context, Germany in particular is facing a fateful decision, says the respected Polish economist Marcin Kedzierski. He sees Berlin's indecisive policies, which have led to a massive loss of respect and trust, particularly in Eastern Europe, as strategic. According to the expert, a victory for Ukraine would also have uncomfortable consequences for Germany."

The East EU enlarged by Ukraine with a population of 150 million would be "politically and economically a serious competition for the German-French Union". It would mean major political changes. For example, because of them, France would thus become a periphery of the Union. However, Berlin will try to prevent such a scenario from happening.

- From the German point of view, it is not beneficial to weaken Russia. Poland sees it differently - concludes the interlocutor of Die Welt.