Wednesday, June 8, 2022

UN needs to be disbanded: Monday was their Russian Language Day

 The United Nations organizes international days for different languages, for example, March 20 is French Day, April 20 is Chinese Day, and April 23 is English Day.

In 2010, the United Nations introduced the "Russian Language Day" to be celebrated on June 6. It would seem that due to the unimaginable crimes committed every day by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, the celebration of this holiday will at least be suspended. It turns out, however, that the decision-makers of the United Nations, who published a post on this subject two days ago, had a different opinion. 

They simply said: "Monday is Russian Language Day."

Translation: We don't give the FU**. What are you gonna do?

If anybody asks, this organization needs to be deeply reformed. Every part of it should be disbanded so we can start over from scratch. We should start with the so-called Security Counsel.

Inna Sovsun @InnaSovsun said it best (unedited):

Dear @UN and @antonioguterres, are you serious? What the hell is the Day of the russian language? Don’t you see how clearly #russia ignores the #UN? You have completely disgraced your work. I'm surprised that the UN hasn't yet been dissolved. This is the only thing left to do.