Tuesday, July 5, 2022

An act of barbarism! The Lukashenka regime razed the graves of the Home Army soldiers to the ground

 In Mikuliszki, in the Grodno oblast in Belarus, the quarters of the Home Army soldiers who died in 1944 were razed to the ground, the website of the Polish community "Głos znad Niemna" (Voice from Neman River) reported. None of the 22 crosses standing at the site remain.

Home Army soldiers were buried there both before and after the operation Code-named Ostra Brama (Gates of Dawn), the purpose of which was to recapture Vilnius from the German hands. Most of the crosses showed the names of the soldiers.

Next to them were the graves of Poles murdered by the Soviet NKVD in February 1945. Those also have been destroyed.

Not long ago both Putin and Lukashenka raged when Poles decided to remove the remaining monuments to the Soviet Army (most of them were tanks on pedestals). Now, they are razing the graves of the victims of the Soviets, the proof of their barbarism and a reminder that the territories they live on were taken from others after WWII.