Friday, July 29, 2022

An agreement to build ten small nuclear reactors was signed

 The letter of intent regarding the construction of a power plant consisting of 10 small nuclear reactors with a total capacity of 200 MW was signed on Thursday by the Legnica Special Economic Zone, DB Energy and Last Energy Poland. The reactors would be a source of energy for investments located in the Zone.

"The new solution may allow for a safe, stable and emission-free source of energy for factories located in the Zone. We are taking another step not only towards green energy, but also to strengthen energy security" - said Przemysław Bożek, president of the Legnica Special Economic Zone.

Last Energy is an American investor, developer, and operator of small modular nuclear power plants. "The fully scalable structure developed by Last Energy provides emission-free and cost-competitive energy, which enables acceleration of the decarbonization process of the economy" - the LSEZ statement said. 

Last Energy's SMR offer covers the entire investment process - from the design concept, through design, arrangements, financing, implementation, service, maintenance, and production of energy for the client, to the disposal of installations and fuels, while DB Energy from Wrocław will ensure the integration of the infrastructure power plants and end customers.

“As one of the first in the world, we have a chance to apply such technology at home. We see a great opportunity and a number of benefits resulting from the implementation of investments, including achieving real zero emissions, increasing the attractiveness of the investment areas offered or building the competitive advantage of the Zone and the investors operating here "- added the vice-president of LSSE Ryszard Wawryniewicz.