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Friday, July 8, 2022

Germany wants Lithuania to break the law

 Germany urges other countries to bypass and break European law. Lithuania is pressured to allow Russian products through in violation of European law - reports Marcin Przydacz, deputy minister of foreign affairs.

EU officials, backed by the German government, are working on exempting the transport of goods to Kaliningrad from sanctions against Russia, the Reuters agency reported a few days ago, using anonymous sources. According to them, an agreement may be reached by 10 July. Chancellor Olaf Scholz reminds us that we are talking about "a movement between two parts of Russia," Deutsche Welle points out.

"It is a waste of the efforts of 27 Member States, hundreds of diplomats and hundreds of officials who worked on the sanctions packages. Thus, European law was created. Today, Germany urges people to circumvent and break this law. I have the right to ask how it is with this rule of law. [ ...] The pressure on Lithuania to let Russian products in is the expectation of breaking European law. I hope that commissioners Jourova and Reynders will finally comment on this. How can European law be broken in such a formula?"