Friday, July 22, 2022

Poland will buy South Korean weapons. 48 FA-50 jets and 180 K2 tanks

 Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak in an interview with the weekly "Sieci" informed that Poland would buy South Korean weapons. These will be 48 FA-50 jets and "Black Panther" K2 tanks. The deliveries will start this year.

The decision comes after the initiative to exchange German tanks with Poland turned out to be a failure. Poland already sent 230 of its T-72 tanks to Ukraine and is about to send another 250 more, this time highly modernized, T-72-based, PT-91 Twardy tanks. In exchange Germany was to compensate Poland with their own Leopard tanks. So far Poland received ZERO tanks. That makes a big hole in Polish defenses.

We support Ukraine because it also fights for us, but we also develop our own defense capabilities. We negotiated a good deal to buy 250 Abrams tanks in the most modern version. We are closing the contract for the purchase of 116 Abrams, used, but still highly effective and on preferential terms. The combat value of the Abrams is at least two or even three times greater than that of the T-72 tanks, - said minister Błaszczak.

In total, Poland will have 366 Abrams tanks, plus 180 Korean "Black Panther" (K2) tanks. Ultimately, K2s will be produced in Poland. 

Korean weapons are compatible with, or even identical to, the American equipment, constructed with the participation of US companies.

Poland is interested in purchasing three squadrons, 48, FA-50s. The first copies would be delivered to Poland as early as next year. 

The head of the Ministry of National Defense stressed that the new equipment will be tested in the army, not in industrial plants, and soldiers will be able to indicate what should be changed.

The spokesman of the Armaments Agency, Lt. Col. Krzysztof Płatek, supplements this information with the announcement of the purchase of the K9 Thunder. "We are finishing the negotiation process with the Korean side regarding the acquisition of K2 / K2PL tanks, K9 / K9PL howitzers, and FA-50 / FA-50 PL planes along with an extensive technology transfer" - he wrote on his Twitter.