Thursday, July 21, 2022

Warmate for Ukraine. Poles raise money for kamikaze drones

 At the end of June, the Poles were collecting money for the Turkish Bayraktar attack drone. Now there are several campaigns to raise money to buy Warmate micro loitering munition developed by Polish company WB Electronics and successfully used by the Ukrainian army. 

One of those campaigns was launched and organized by Defence24 portal ( and in cooperation with WB Electronics, the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland, and the Warsaw Enterprise Institute (WEI) Foundation.

This initiative was noticed in Russia. The Kremlin's propaganda apparatus went to work upon the news that Defence24 and its partners had taken action to rearm Ukraine.

"The fundraiser was presented as a support by the portal and the Polish armaments industry for >> Ukrainian Nazism <<" - said Michał Marek, a specialist dealing with the analysis of eastern propaganda.

One of the propaganda sources says directly that the Polish military industry equips the Nazis. "The Polish military industry participates in the collection of funds that help the Nazis," we read on Telegram. The news was posted on Wednesday morning.

If you want to help you can go here and press the translate to English (right mouse button) in your browser.

The funds collected during the campaign will go to the dedicated WEI Foundation account and will allow us to purchase two "WARMATE" sets (20) of drones.

The remaining funds - after the purchase of WARMATE - will be used to purchase additional equipment for individual protection for Ukrainian soldiers.