Thursday, August 11, 2022

In the EU we have a formal democracy

 In the EU, “the equality of individual states is only declarative. The political practice has shown that the positions of Germany and France count more than any other. So, we are dealing with a formal democracy and a de facto oligarchy ruled by the strongest," - writes Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an article published on Wednesday on the website of the German daily Die Welt. 

"Moreover, the strong make mistakes and are incapable of accepting criticism from outside," - notes the head of the Polish government.

Morawiecki emphasizes that "if someone suggests that the EU's actions should depend on German decisions to an even greater extent than before because the abolition of the unanimity rule would lead to it, then we should briefly look at some of Germany's decisions in the past." He asks: "if Europe in recent years had always behaved as Germany wanted it, would we be in a better or worse situation today?"

According to the PM, "if we really want to talk about democratic values today, it's time for a great examination of conscience in Europe. For too long, the low price of Russian gas has been the most important value for many countries. And we know that it was so low also because the blood tax that Ukraine pays today was not added.”