Tuesday, August 23, 2022

President Duda in Kiev. A special invitation

 President Andrzej Duda came to the capital of Ukraine at the special invitation of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

At a joint press conference of the two leaders, the Ukrainian president emphasized that Andrzej Duda was visiting Kyiv on National Flag Day and on the eve of  Ukraine's Independence Day (August 24).

Today's visit of the Polish leader to Ukraine is the fifth meeting of the presidents of Poland and Ukraine this year and the third since the beginning of the war.

Previous meetings were held on January 20–21 in Poland and February 23–24, April 13 and May 21–22 in Kiev.

The President of Ukraine reported that the talks with the Polish president on Tuesday were very fruitful. 

- We covered a whole set of issues. (...) Of course, we were talking about defense, about supporting our Ukrainians in Poland. I am very grateful to you, as well as to the government, the first lady and all of Poland, which receives Ukrainians in such a warm way - said Zelenski, addressing Duda.

As Zelenski reported, the conversation also concerned the security of Ukraine and Polish support for this country.

- Today, we still have the Crimean Platform, the second summit, and despite what Russia is doing against us, against our state, against our people, we continue our way to deoccupy our Crimean Peninsula. - He stressed that the Crimean Platform is a political tool for talks and the de-occupation of part of our wonderful country.