Monday, August 22, 2022

Prominent politician: "Poland is being robbed". Perpetrator? "Germany"

 Zbigniew Ziobro, the Minister of Justice, assessed that "Germany is the perpetrator of the lack of funds from the National Reconstruction Plan in Poland." In his opinion: "Poland is being robbed, and German politics plays a leading role in this theft."

Ziobro referred to the Saturday reports of the weekly "Der Spiegel," which show that the deputy head of the European Commission, Vera Jourova, has become an opponent of the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on the acceptance of the Polish KPO and the payment of funds to Poland.

"Daily 'Der Spiegel' tries to present a version that it is not Ms von der Leyen who deceived the Polish government and the Polish prime minister, but in fact, behind everything is, sorry, I do not want to use the phrase 'nasty Czech', but Mrs. Jourova. Those are fairy tales for polite children, this is just a continuation of the play on the part of the Germans," - commented the Minister of Justice and the leader of Solidarity Poland during a press conference in Konin.

"Von der Leyen is and was an important German politician, she openly deceived the Polish prime minister, deceived the president, exposed him to humiliation, trips to Brussels, showing the draft amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court. The draft has been approved, and today we hear that it is not enough anymore, and further demands are made" - said Ziobro. 

"Poland is being robbed and the leading role in this plundering of Poland is played by German politics, German politicians led by Germany von der Leyen, that is a fact" - the minister. 

"Since these facts are happening before our eyes, we must look for a solution and a way out of this situation." "We will, as Solidarity Poland (SP), turn to Prime Minister Morawiecki, since he trusted Mrs. Merkel in his time and trusted Mrs. von der Leyen, and despite our warnings, he decided that these funds will not be blocked, we will not be blackmailed, and today we expect the prime minister to present to us plan B "- said Ziobro. "We are ready to continue to cooperate and do everything possible so that Poland does not succumb to blackmail," said the head of the SP.