Thursday, August 18, 2022

Severe repressions against the inhabitants in occupied Ukrainian city

 Severe repressions against the inhabitants of Melitopol, occupied by Russian forces, in the Zaporizhia oblast in southern Ukraine began, the mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov, informed on Ukrainian television on Thursday.

The occupiers began to take away cars of legal entities at checkpoints and announce their nationalization. People are still being abducted. During the last week, 10 people have been taken. They start taking the businesses from people, which they also explain with nationalization - said Ivan Fedorov.

The Russians also threaten to enlist teenagers who would not want to go to an educational institution made up of the four vocational schools that previously existed in the city. 

The southern part of the Zaporizhia region has been under Russian occupation since March. From April, Ukrainian authorities and media reported that preparations were underway to conduct pseudo-referenda on joining these areas to Russia or establishing the so-called people's republics.