Monday, September 26, 2022

Poland celebrates Italy's shift to the right. "The German-French tandem will be blocked"

 The German-French tandem, which has so far set the tone for the European Council, will be blocked, says Zbigniew Kuźmiuk, MEP.

The results of the exit poll indicate a decisive victory for the center-right coalition in the early parliamentary elections in Italy (41 to 45 percent of votes).

If the poll results are officially confirmed, Giorgia Meloni, head of the Party of European Conservatives and Reformists, which includes Law and Justice, will become the prime minister of Italy.

According to the Polish MEP, Giorgia Meloni clearly believes that Russia is an imperial country and Europe should oppose this imperialism. According to the politician, the new government in Italy, with Meloni as prime minister, will change the way the European Council functions.

- It will be the fifth prime minister in the European Union to head the right-wing government. The German-French tandem that has so far set the tone for European Council meetings will be blocked. Especially since the smaller countries will now dare to present their views. So far, they have been intimidated.

- I hope that, at least at the level of the European Council, the way the European Union functions will slowly change, that it will start to deal with real problems that plague individual member states and their societies, and not lunar ideas, as it has been so far - said Kuźmiuk.