Thursday, September 1, 2022

Poland presented the report on the losses as the results of German aggression. Bill for Germany: $1.3T

 A report on the losses suffered by Poland as a result of aggression and German occupation during World War II was presented at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. As indicated, work on the report lasted 5 years. As emphasized by Jarosław Kaczyński, the sum of Polish losses is over PLN 6.2 billion, or $1.3 trillion. He said the country would officially demand reparations. 

About 30 scientists - historians, economists, property appraisers - and 10 reviewers worked on the report.

As a result of the war and the shifting of borders, the Polish state lost about 11.2 million citizens of which 6 million (including 3 million Polish Jews) were killed by Germans. Over 2,100,000 people were deported to Germany for slave labor. Each of these forced laborers worked on average 2 years and 9 months. Many of them died as a result.

Germans took from Poles for Germanization approximately 196,000 children, of whom only 30,000 were recovered. "They were taken only because they were healthy and pretty, racially pure by German criteria."

590,000 Polish citizens became disabled, not only as a result of direct hostilities, but also because of pseudo-medical experiments and detention in concentration camps - said Mularczyk, who is the chairman of the council of the Institute of War Losses.

He noted that over a million people developed tuberculosis due to long-term malnutrition during the occupation.