Thursday, September 15, 2022

President Duda: Poland deserves compensation. We should also demand reparations from Russia

 "If anyone says that we are causing a conflict unnecessarily by demanding reparations, let them ask the Germans why they caused this conflict in 1939," - President Andrzej Duda said in an interview for the weekly "Wprost". He also expressed the opinion that we should also demand reparations from Russia.

He indicated that no one covered the losses suffered by Poland during the war.

"Poland was successfully rebuilt in many places, but the Germans were irretrievably destroyed Warsaw. It was a planned, brutal demolition of the city," - said the president. - "Poland deserves compensation and that's it. And I think that the Germans are also aware of this" - he added.

Yesterday, the Sejm (Polish Parliament) adopted a resolution calling on the German government to assume political, historical, legal and financial responsibility for all the consequences caused by the unleashing of World War II. Draft resolutions concerning war reparations from Germany were submitted by PiS, KO and PSL clubs. During the committee meeting, the project prepared by representatives of the ruling party, PiS, was selected as the leading one. During the work in the commission, a provision was added to the draft saying that Poland did not receive appropriate financial compensation and war reparations for losses suffered during World War II as a result of the aggression of the USSR. 

According to the government representatives, an official diplomatic note is to be prepared and sent to Germany within a few weeks.