Saturday, September 3, 2022

Shocking Find! The greatest compensation for World War II was received by ... Germans

(Instytut Strat Wojennych im. Jana Karskiego / Jan Karski War Losses Institute)

 The Germans received the largest compensation for World War II from Germany, expelled German citizens and victims of the NSDAP - writes Hanna Radziejowska, head of the Pilecki Institute in Berlin. She calculates that a total of 89 billion euros went to the Germans and German citizens, and to all the other victims of German crimes went 65 billion euros.

Based on the documents of the German Ministry of Finance, Radziejowska reports that the German population, forced by the defeat of the Third Reich to leave Eastern Europe (the so-called expelled), received 75 billion euros, and German citizens: Jews, people persecuted politically or because of their sexual orientation and the victims of the 'Action T4' (mass killing of disabled and mentally ill), received 14 billion euros.

According to Radziejowska's estimates, Germans received 89 billion euros. In comparison, all other victims of German crimes received 65 billion euros, including compensation paid based on a bilateral agreement with Israel, money for victims of forced labor and medical experiments, and compensation paid based on international agreements.

Most German criminals were never punished after the war. Therefore, regardless of noble initiatives, the German state did something different than it declared - added Radziejowska.