Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Polish Armaments Group is extending the contract with Hyundai Rotem

 Today, the Polish Armaments Group and the South Korean company Hyundai Rotem signed a partnership agreement to produce tanks, armored personnel carriers, and unmanned land vehicles at International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce.

The partnership memorandum specifies the scope of work in three fields of cooperation: main battle tanks (MBT), armored personnel carriers (APC), and land-based autonomous systems. The memorandum solidifies the partnership regarding the procurement of K2 MBTs by Poland and its 'polonization' as well as specifies the next main fields of cooperation: future battle tank project, autonomous land systems as well as APCs. The results of this work will be offered to Poland, South Korea, and other countries interested in the PGZ-HRC offer.

Poland chose K2 MBT as the basis of the country's future armored forces. It plans to obtain over 1000 MBTs, which will be produced, serviced, and repaired at PGZ. The signed memorandum extends the scope of cooperation to the next-generation tank platform, which is currently codenamed by HRC as K3 MBT.

Other fields of PGZ-HRC partnership include future wheeled APC platforms and autonomous solutions. Due to the potential scale of procurement, it is crucial to establish production and secure the highest possible level of local industry engagement in all projects. The partnership memorandum is another step on the Polish Korean partnership roadmap.