Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Beata Szydło called on the European Parliament to withdraw from the ETS and 'FiT for 55'


 PiS MEP Beata Szydło called on the European Parliament in Strasbourg to revise the EU's climate policy in the face of the economic crisis. 

According to the former Polish PM, everything must be done to support Europeans realistically and rationally.

First, it is necessary to consider the causes of these problems, draw conclusions and verify the projects currently implemented in the European Union concerning climate policy. ETS or 'Fit for 55' means increasing the costs for the European economy and creating a reality in which Europe becomes uncompetitive, and the lives of Europeans become awfully expensive - said Szydło.

Rising energy and fuel prices, inflation, fear that they will not be able to survive the coming winter, fear of losing jobs, or entrepreneurs worried that they will have to close their businesses. This is the reality we are facing, the former prime minister stressed.