Saturday, October 29, 2022

Poland chose US as a partner for its first nuclear power plant and, unofficially, S. Korea for second

 Poland chose the American government and Westinghouse as its partner in nuclear energy. Formally, the process will begin next week!

“A strong Polish-American alliance guarantees the success of joint initiatives. After recent fruitful talks with Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, we confirm the implementation of the nuclear project in the proven and safe Westinghouse technology,” - the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter.

The American offer to the Polish government is for three AP1000 units in the first location and another three in the second. This is a total of 7,200 MW.

Westinghouse wants to build not only reactors on the Vistula River but also an engineering and procurement center, thanks to which Poland will be able to export nuclear solutions for other American projects in the region - for example: to Ukraine or Slovenia. 

Unofficially Poland will build a second nuclear power plant with South Koreans.   

"Polish Energy Group and the private energy company ZE PAK are to sign a letter of intent with (south) Koreans regarding the construction of the second nuclear power plant in Poland. The joint consortium is to implement the project in Pątnów," - reported daily, Rzeczpospolita.

 Sources: Twitter / Niezalezna / Dorzeczy / Energetyka 24