Monday, November 28, 2022

A special commission will examine the government's energy policy 2007-2022

 Today, the ruling camp presented a bill on the appointment of a commission to examine the energy policy pursued by the Polish government from 2007 to 2022. 

During a joint press conference, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and party (PiS) president Jarosław Kaczyński announced that during the government of Civic Platform and PSL, ties with Vladimir Putin's Russia were clearly strengthened.

- We met today to present a bill, the idea of establishing a commission that would examine the energy policy pursued by the Polish government in the years 2007-2022. This matter has become the subject of controversy, and it would be good if all matters related to it, and all problems were clarified - said the PiS president.

- Poles deserve the truth, - said Prime Minister Morawiecki.

Russia conducts its imperial policy not only through conquest but also through bribery. When it attacked Crimea, Ukraine in 2014, there was an intensification of those activities. But there have already been many dubious deals, and it is clear to everyone today that the army of lobbyists, shady businessmen, or simply Russian spies, perform very scrupulously the tasks that are written for them in Moscow - said Prime Minister.

- We must be aware of how unfavorable agreements were signed with the Russian Federation, with a deeper dependence on Russian hydrocarbons. - noted Morawiecki.

He added that it is necessary to investigate why contracts were signed, because of which an increasing number of raw materials was imported to Poland from Russia, and how regulations were introduced that enabled the acquisition of shares in Polish strategic enterprises by Russian entities.