Friday, November 18, 2022

The EU wants new taxes, Poland may veto that

Portal DoRzeczy: The EU plans to introduce three new taxes to the EU budget. They are designed to repay the loans for the Reconstruction Fund (approximately 17 billion euros per year). Poland has still not received a single euro from the Reconstruction Fund.

The taxes will be voted on by the European Parliament on Wednesday, November 23 and then by the Council of the European Union, where Poland has the right to veto. 

The taxes would strengthen the power of the European Commission (EC) over the Member States and the possibility of blackmailing them. It would also mean a loss for the Polish budget of several billion euros a year.

Several Polish politicians indicate that Poland has no interest in cosigning euro debt "to Eurocrats from Brussels." They demand that Poland use its veto power on the proposal. They emphasize that it is high time to "turn the table over" and then "restore the rule of law in the EU!"