Friday, November 25, 2022

Was Germany fine with Ukraine losing the war? There may be more

 Boris Johnson's admission during his CNN interview that "in the initial stage (of the invasion of Ukraine), the prevailing view in Germany was that if there was a war, which would be a catastrophe, it would be better if the whole thing ended quickly, and Ukraine collapsed" resonated around Poland. Not in a good way. 

While commenting on the politician's statement on the air at TVP Info (Polish public television) the editor, Michał Rachoń said that it was "something that we have heard many times, for example from the lips of Ukrainian diplomats who reported on their conversations with representatives of Germany in the first hours of the war."

But there is much more to the story as reported by the news portal Niezalezna-pl. According to the expert from the Academy of War Arts, professor Piotr Grochmalski, the actions of Germany regarding the war seem to be only a small part of a larger plan.

"The Germans prepared their entire policy for such a concept. It was really no coincidence that Donald Tusk (former PM) appeared in Poland with the concept of (political) attacks on the structures of the Polish state exactly when the war for the Polish border begins - a hybrid war behind which stood Russia and was preparing for war in Ukraine" - said Grochmalski. "Germany was preparing for a short war won by Russia" and "for a gigantic geopolitical shift across Europe" that would result in a quick victory for the Russian Federation.

While there may be no proof of what Mr. Grochmalski has said, history shows the ages of German-Russian cooperation in wars against Poland-Lithuania and other neighbors. There was one other thing revealed that may not be known: "aircraft with guns from Great Britain, in the first hours of the war, were not allowed to fly through Germany."