Thursday, December 22, 2022

Polish PM: Russia must capitulate, and Russian imperialism must lose

 Prime Minister Morawiecki gave an interview to the Italian newspaper La Stampa published today (Thursday, 22nd). The head of the Polish government stressed: "Together with Prime Minister Meloni, we also stand up for Ukraine. We look realistically at the threat from Russia." He noted that the neo-imperial policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin is "a mortal danger not only for Kyiv but for the whole of Europe."

"We warned," he reminded, "that Russia's sick colonial ambitions are a great threat to the countries of Eastern Europe and the entire EU. We must do everything to help Ukraine because if Kyiv falls, Russia will have an open way to conquer Europe."

Morawiecki expressed regret that the reactions of some EU countries, especially those that have the means and resources to help Ukraine effectively, seem too careful.

He expressed his conviction that Europe should lead to a situation where withdrawal from aggression and occupation would be the only option for Russia.

Russia, he announced, "must capitulate and Russian imperialism lose once and for all. This is the way to end this war."

Referring to the policy and position of Germany and France in the EU, Mateusz Morawiecki said: "We have a choice of either genuine solidarity of equal states, or the model of a single superstate, in which the cards will ultimately be dealt in a few of the largest capitals, bypassing the remaining countries."

"If," he warned, "the EU becomes a vehicle for realizing the ambitions of the strongest players, it will at best marginalize weaker countries and at worst lead to the disintegration of the European project."

According to Morawiecki, the European Union was created so that individual countries could develop as best as they can; "some faster, others slower, but always taking into account their economic conditions."

In his opinion, economic differences are not a justification for disregarding the interests of other member states, and even more so, he added, "the independence of the entire community, as was the case with cheap gas, which was supposed to be a blessing for Germany, but turned into a curse for Europe."

The Polish Prime Minister also referred to the principle of the decision-making process in the EU, saying: "Either we will have the principle of unanimity or the tyranny of the strong. There is no other way."