Saturday, January 14, 2023

American-owned TV station in Poland sues other media publisher over 'lies' and 'protecting Putin'

 The TVN station (owned by Warner Bros. Discovery) has sued the publisher 'Słowo Niezależne' (Word Independent), the publisher of the news portal Niezalezna_pl, and the editor-in-chief Grzegorz Wierzchołowski for quoting the words of Tomasz Sakiewicz in TVP Info who said: 

"They lie in our faces. [...] TVN said that explosions and the attack were excluded. [...] TVN provides information that protects Putin regarding the Smolensk plane catastrophe. It helps to hide the truth about Smolensk from the very beginning." 

TVN demands 100,000 PLN ($23,000) for the TVN Foundation and a court order to stop disseminating for one year, in any form, information that "TVN lies," "TVN provides information that protects Putin," "TVN hides the truth about the Smolensk catastrophe," "TVN's publications are manipulated." 

The publications of 'Słowo Niezależne' have repeatedly reported that TVN is spreading disinformation about the Smolensk catastrophe and the "red" (communist) roots of the station. In recent months, Grzegorz Wierzchołowski and Justyna Błażejowska published several articles in "Gazeta Polska" (Polish Gazette), revealing unknown facts about the past of the founders of ITI corporation, the original owners of the station. 

For example, the fact that according to the files of the Institute of National Remembrance, Jan W. owner of ITI, registered as a secret collaborator of the secret police (SB) while the SB supported the establishment of the ITI corporation.