Sunday, January 8, 2023

Russians are redeploying more troops to Belarus

Niezalezna_pl/Wprost_pl:  Another echelon with Russian military personnel, numbering about 700-800 people, was transferred to Belarus overnight from Saturday to Sunday, the independent channel "Belaruski Hajun" reported on Telegram.

"A special train with 15 passenger cars passed through the Smolensk station towards Belarus," wrote Hajun and added that the train in Belarus arrived at the Vitebsk station.

The independent channel points out that also on the night from Thursday to Friday, along the same route, a similar transport with about 700-800 soldiers arrived in Belarus. Thus, at least 1,400-1,600 soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation could have been moved to Vitebsk in the last two days, independent bloggers estimate.