Sunday, January 22, 2023

Shocking findings on the corruption in the EU: A bribery "mafia" co-created mechanisms to attack Poland

News portal Niezalezna_pl
: A Polish talk show, "Political Coffee," on the TV Republic station presented a shocking thesis based on subsequent reports of corruption in the European Parliament (EP). The findings were presented by the show's host, Tomasz Sakiewicz, and gis guest MEP Dominik Tarczyński.

Tarczyński has collected information that may indicate that some of the MEPs involved in the corruption scandal took part in the attacks on Poland in the EP that have been ongoing for the last few years.

Dominik Tarczyński pointed out that Francesco Giorgi, the partner of the arrested Eva Kaila, announced in 2020 the mechanism of conditionality, linking the "rule-of-law" with the distribution to Poland funds from the 'National Recovery and Resilience Plan,' as an enormous success of the socialists. To this day, Poland has not received any money from the fund.

- The bribery mafia, linked to the Qatari, Moroccan and Russian intelligence services, created, or at least co-created the conditionality mechanism that led to Poland's money being blocked when war broke out in Ukraine. Poland is Ukraine's main supporter, and Germany refuses to help. A bribery mafia puts up a blockade at the back. Can this be summed up? - asked Tomasz Sakiewicz. 
Tarczynski nodded. - There is no other way to sum it up, these are the facts, - he added.