Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A coordinated media attack on Poland

 This week's attack on the democratically elected Polish government to help "democratic" opposition parties is led by The New York Times.

How democratic is the largest opposition party? The protesters against their policies were fired upon by the riot police with actual bullets. Those protesters were just (2 weeks ago) told by the opposition leader, who was the PM at the time, Donald Tusk, that he doesn't remember any injuries. 

The same Donald Tusk is telling his supporters that as soon as he wins elections, a lot of people will lose their jobs, and many of them will go to jail. Does that sound democratic? How about a promise that the president of the Polish Bank will be dragged out of his office and thrown in jail? 

What is especially upsetting about this week's attack on Poland is that it looks like a coordinated attack. Coordinated between media organizations, EU politicians, and members of the Polish judiciary who loudly express their political views (something that is unconstitutional) and have communist regime roots.

Here is a sample (small sample) of today's headlines about Poland. Please note that none of them mentions that the EU's courts may not have authority over Poland's laws:

- The New York Times: Poland isn't the friend the West Thinks it is

- CNN: Poland’s opposition brings hundreds of thousands onto streets to protest against the nationalist government

- The New York Times: Huge Crowds Protest Poland’s Governing Conservative Party

- The Atlantic: Poland Is Not Ready to Accept a New McCarthyism

- The New York Times: Poland Rejects E.U. Ruling, Restarting a European Feud

- POLITICO: EU court finds Poland guilty in rule-of-law dispute