Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Is Poland a bigger vilan than Russia? EU thinks so

Niezalezna(.)pl: By the end of June, the Swedish presidency of the European Union wants to push through the forced relocation of migrants. According to the plans, countries that oppose the admission of foreigners would have to pay 22,000 euros for each of them. According to unofficial information, the ambassadors of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe strongly objected to this. 

Beata Szydło, MEP of Law and Justice, spoke on the matter, pointing out the injustice of the proposal.

"For the European Commission, it does not matter that over the last 1.5 years Poland has carried out the largest humanitarian operation in the history of Europe, accepting 2 million refugees from Ukraine. Moreover, the EC did not provide any major assistance to Poland in terms of support for refugees from Ukraine. Now they want money from us to support economic migrants," - said Szydło.

To be fair, the EU did send, or is going to, some money to Poland. About $200 for each Ukrainian refugee. 22,000 Euros vs. $200, a staggering difference. 

In a meantime the EU is trying to sweep under the rug the corruption and Russian influence scandal amongst it's own ranks. And Poland's new Russian Influence Commission was about to shine a light on it. So they filled it under their "rule-of-law dispute" with Poland. 

Why do I think that EU sees Poland as a bigger vilan than Russia? It took them one (1) day to react to the new Polish law and weeks to discuss Russia's attack on Ukraine. 

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